Do I need to be a business to order?
At PACKAGESPECS, anyone can order carton box and other packaging solutions direct from our website. Whether you are just starting out, an established business or simply need boxes for your own personal use, you can order through us.
What is the minimum quantity I can order?
You can order as low as one box or item, but for you to benefit from discount, you will need to order up 30 boxes or pieces of items.
Can you help me print on my boxes?
Yes, we can help you print on your boxes. For us to print on your boxes, you will need to order just a minimum of 30 boxes. You can also go to our service section to select the costs based on the number of print colours and area on your box. Also, the solution on our site is basically for screen-printing solution, but if your solution will require other types of printing, we will have to get back to you on the separate cost for that.